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Church Council



Executive Council & Officers

President:  Richard Crouch

Vice President:  Cam Ritchie

Secretary:  Brittney Ritchie

Ex Officio: Pastor 

Term Ends 2023

Harry Agner

Kevan Barringer

Jeff Fleming

Banks Kluttz

Karen Goodman

Term Ends 2024

Richard Crouch

Todd Koontz

Charlotte Pacilio

Brittney Ritchie

Laurie Ritchie

Term Ends 2025

Tara Beaver

Linda Duncan

Mike Keene

Cam Ritchie

Terry Ritchie

Christiana's Church Council is a 15-member board that oversees the operations and conducts the business affairs of the church. Each year five members of the church are elected by the congregation to serve a 3-year term in this leadership position. Officers are elected each year by the council. The council meets the second Sunday of each month at 8:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

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