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Brighten the Beacon Projects

Thank you for your contributions. Please continue to give to Brighten the Beacon!


Let Jesus shine through YOU!

Because of your generation donations, much has been done since 2015! 

Your Christiana Brighten the Beacon Committee is very pleased and excited to let you know what's happening with our building/renovation progress:

NEXT UP:  With the completion of the Fellowship Hall project, the BtB Committee has taken a much needed break. The committee will reconvene soon to begin planning Christiana's next capital improvement project. Please keep your pledges and gifts coming so we can continue to Brighten Christiana's Beacon! 

Fellowship Hall Expansion (2020)  The seating capacity was more than doubled, two multi-stall restrooms were added, as well as a storage room and a 1,250 sq. ft. covered patio on the back! It's a beautiful and much needed addition to our church campus. The building was dedicated on August 9, 2020 and is PAID IN FULL. The church's septic system was also upgraded at this time.

Education Building Restrooms (2018)  All four restrooms were completely re-plumbed, new fixtures installed, new flooring and a paint job. Functionality has been restored and they look fantastic too!


Asphalt Repaired (2018)  The parking lots and driveway were all repaired, re-sealed and re-painted. A handicap crossover to the main parking lot was installed, which doubles as a speed bump. These much needed repairs will extend the life of our parking lots and driveway and make a great aesthetic improvement as well.


Education Building 1st Floor (2018)  New paint, furniture, tv monitors and other improvements give the building a much needed facelift. The children's Sunday School classrooms  were beautifully remodeled too—a great big thank you to Brittney Barnhardt, Jason Smith and THRIVE Youth for doing such a WONDERFUL job!


Basement Restrooms (2016)  The newly renovated restrooms are complete and beautiful. Thanks again to JJ's for a great job and all who assisted in design and re-decorating!

Smith Assembly Hall (2016)  (formerly referred to as "the basement") was dedicated on August 28, 2016 and named in honor of our wonderful friends, Ronnie & Janis SmithThe renovation was finished June 15th and it's BEAUTIFUL! It is

complete with new drywall; all new electrical; a drop ceiling with LED lighting; smaller air ducts; hospitality area with sink, coffee maker, ice machine and beautiful cabinetry; decorative columns with lamps; state-of-the-art audio/video system; new windows with custom made drapes; new carpet and hardwood laminate flooring. The stage was moved to the opposite end of the space for better viewing and traffic flow. Many thanks to LaVaughn Beaver for the overall design and Jim Duncan and his "basement team" for all their hard work making this happen. JJ's Construction did an awesome job finishing ahead of schedule AND under budget! Last of all, thank you to the special donors who made it all possible. What a great addition to our church campus!


Sacristy (2016)  This renovation includes all new cabinets, sink, refrigerator, lighting and a new climate controlled storage room built in the attic. The project came in ahead of time and under budget thanks to Jeff Duncan and JJ's Construction Co. A huge thanks to the major contributors 

who made the beautiful new Sacristy possible!


Choir Room (2016)  Sound proofing has been done and the room's own heating/air system was installed. Now, when the choir is practicing during the week, the heating/air for the entire upstairs of the sanctuary building does not have to be turned on (or up). This will mean a lot of energy savings for the church year after year. Thank you Medley Electric Co for a fine job.

Basement Kitchen (2016)  This project also came in on time in and under budget! It's fully functioning with state-of-the-art appliances and tons of counter and cabinet space. Be sure to thank Charlie Shank Sr. & Jr. for building and installing the awesome cabinets at a greatly reduced price. JJ's Construction did a fantastic job as the general contractor.


Nursery (2015)  Completed in December 2015, the renovation included new paint, flooring, window treatments, rugs, pillows and more. Thanks to everyone for working so hard to make it a beautiful space for our Christiana babies!


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