Christian Education

Youth Classes

Six classes for youth of all ages from birth through college are offered at 9:15 a.m. each Sunday.



There are five Adult Sunday School Classes at Christiana:

  • Men’s Bible Class: Teachers - Harry Agner, Brian Barringer, Sue Wall, J Wood, Robbie Robinson

  • Peggy Boggs Bible Class: Teachers - Jay Goodman, Barbara Crouch, Harry Agner, Banks Kluttz

  • New Life Bible Class: Teachers - Dale Beaver, Sue Wall, Ron Smith

  • United in Christ Class: Teachers -Brittney Ritchie, Banks Kluttz, Earlene Ritchie

  • Faith Journey Class: Teacher - Pastor Carl Haynes

Camping Opportunities

It is the mission of Lutheridge + Lutherock Ministries, Inc. to provide programs, opportunities, and places apart where all people can experience a Christ-centered community, be transformed through relationship to God and God’s creation, and be equipped for ministry. Vision for Outdoor Ministry: Youth, adults, and families face an accelerated life pace and pressure from culture that creates stress and leads to separation from God, self, others, and nature. This leads to the need for a safe place to come away for self-reflection and to be fed spiritually by God in order to find renewed meaning in life as a child of God through authentic relationships and service to others.LutherockCamp Lutherock will be the major summer site for youth campers in the long-term future. Even with a new site in the Southeastern Synod, youth groups will continue to travel to Lutherock because of the climate and uniqueness of the area. There will be some adult and family programs at Lutherock, but will not be the major focus of the site. Key = Wilderness Site for YouthLutheridgeLutheridge Conference Center and Camp will continue to serve youth in the summer. Over time, Lutheridge will serve more adults and families. Lutheridge as a year round conference center will continue to thrive and grow in expanded service and ministry.

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